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Posted March 27, 2014 by Christina

I don't know what it is about the month of March that makes me want to plan all of our trips for the year.  Maybe I have finally recovered from the holidays and I am ready to face the "new year".  No matter how you slice it by this time of year I am ready to get away.  This year I am looking at taking a trip to Greece.  I fell in love with this little hotel, San Giorgio in Mykonos, when I saw it.  I am sure you can see why.  So have you ever been to Greece?  I would love to know your favorite secret and not so secret spots.  What is not to be missed?

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I enjoyed Greece – we were on a cruise stopping at several islands and then Athens for the ruins, so didn’t sleep in any hotels. Restaurants were good – had some amazing fresh grilled sardines and naturally the most awesome Greek salads ever! Scenery lovely, although we only had good weather in Athens – broiling sun – other places were windy and cloudy – it was Oct. Loved wandering through the hilly towns, up the steps, along the back alleys, white walls, grey cobblestones- cats everywhere – and buying jewelry from little shops tucked in the walls.

You will love it and hopefully find some wonderful design ideas Christina.

When will you go?
Mary X

Fri Oct 17 17:11:28 2014


We toured four islands in Greece about 3 years ago. Spend limited time in Athens.
Mykonos is a nice island {this hotel looks great – we stayed at the Mykonos Grand}. Best place for dinner – Katrin’s. I would go back to the island just to have dinner there. We rented a car and explored to red beach & white beach – and all the little wineries.
My favourite spot in Greece was OIA on Santorini. We stayed at Andronis {sensational} – and yes that is a dining area on the cliff – what an experience. OIA is beautiful – all the iconic photo’s you see of Greece are taken there. Walk the steps at the end of the island and have lunch by the sea.

We visited Lindos on Rhodes. It was interesting, but not my favourite. I realize it is the beauty of the smaller islands that we liked the most. And the food/wine – WOW!

I have a link to our Greece trip on my blog – click on the blue door on the side bar.

Fri Oct 17 17:11:28 2014

Tante Mali

oh how beautiful – dreaming myself into these house!!!
Thank you for sharing
All the best from Austria

Fri Oct 17 17:11:28 2014

Jennifer Schoenberger

oh my lawwwwd!

Fri Oct 17 17:11:27 2014


Hi Christina- I went to Mykonos and Santorini last summer and it was one of best trips ever. In mykonos, my recommendation is to stay out of town but close enough to walk in for dinner- there are no taxis and you don’t want to be on the road at night. Food was amazing and our favorite restaurant was Kalita. We used a greek travel agent- Anthony at Antelope travel and he arranged every single detail and was amazing. Best trip was a day on a catamaran in Santorini (arranged by Anthony) where we got to see the entire amazing island. If you want more details- feel free to email me directly.

Fri Oct 17 17:11:27 2014

Huff Harrington

We’re ready to pack our bags!

Fri Oct 17 17:11:27 2014


I was in Mykonos a few years ago. One of the best things we did was meander the narrow streets, away from congested tourist areas. Stopped and bought a gyro at a tiny corner restaurant. It was lovely

Fri Oct 17 17:11:27 2014


Absolutely gorgeous!

Fri Oct 17 17:11:27 2014

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