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Posted April 07, 2014 by Christina


I have a tendency to get caught on something and not be able to let it go..  for example this fabric from Eskayel I have become totally obsessed with it after finding them via Instagram.  So I took a few minutes and mixed it up with my other current obsessions..  Ro Sham Beaux lighting//the Sunset console//the Marrakesh side table//everything Cisco Brothers ever made.  You know that kinda thing- but when I spotted the vintage shutters.. that was it- someone needs this room.  Please!!?!!  It's fun, fresh, simple and pretty sophisticated if you ask me.

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Karena Albert

Oh those shutters and the Marrakesh side table! Love!!

The Arts by Karena

Fri Oct 17 17:12:52 2014

christina @ greige


Thank you for your comment- you always make me laugh!! Have a good one…


Fri Oct 17 17:12:51 2014


Hi Christina,

I love, love LOVE your inspiration boards! They’re all very well-done. (I hate calling them mood boards. what on earth does that mean anyway? good mood? bad mood? lol) And coincidence, I’m using that exact sofa (two of them) on a new job. I won’t mention the vendor because some designers are sensitive to that. xo, Laurel
ps: oh wait. I just went back to double check that you yourself didn’t call them “moodboards” thereby making a total A outta myself… haha, but then I saw that this is a Cisco Bros. sofa and you’re not shnoop with divulging sources (or at least some of them and I love that! I do the same. Some designers really feel it’s some deep dark secret which it’s not. right?) But then, I realized that my sofa is from Lee, but almost the exact same one. very pretty, classic style.

Fri Oct 17 17:12:51 2014

christina @ greige


The chair is on our site..


Fri Oct 17 17:12:51 2014


where is that cushioned chair from… i love it!

Fri Oct 17 17:12:51 2014


Lovely pieces!
ps. I just added some greige to my home-staging project…

Fri Oct 17 17:12:51 2014

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