homemade gifts: succulent planter

June 18, 2014


We all have friends and family who buy themselves all the things they need.. and when it comes to giving them gifts it can be a huge challenge.  My little sister is one of those people, so when her birthday rolled around last week I thought I would try and little something new for her.  I was at the nursery and had the bright idea to make her a succulent planter.  I know this is nothing new, but I loved it and so I thought I would share.  I picked out a variety of colors and a few that I have at home because I knew she liked them and their flowers, grabbed a fun vintage piece to plant them in, some gravel and a bag of cactus mix.  Quick and easy - I was obviously impressed with myself!

Do you like homemade gifts?  Plant gifts? I think this may become a trend for me... something just a little more thoughtful for the gift giving.

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