homemade gifts: succulent planter

Posted June 18, 2014 by Christina


We all have friends and family who buy themselves all the things they need.. and when it comes to giving them gifts it can be a huge challenge.  My little sister is one of those people, so when her birthday rolled around last week I thought I would try and little something new for her.  I was at the nursery and had the bright idea to make her a succulent planter.  I know this is nothing new, but I loved it and so I thought I would share.  I picked out a variety of colors and a few that I have at home because I knew she liked them and their flowers, grabbed a fun vintage piece to plant them in, some gravel and a bag of cactus mix.  Quick and easy - I was obviously impressed with myself!

Do you like homemade gifts?  Plant gifts? I think this may become a trend for me... something just a little more thoughtful for the gift giving.

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