Las Vegas Market Summer 2014 Day 1

Posted July 31, 2014 by Christina

After a quick stint at home I quickly hopped over to Las Vegas for the summer market and Interior Design Camp.  There were some great themes that seemed to run throughout the showrooms and lines.  Rope, inlaid bone and shell and textured metal.  

As you can see from my previous posts about Las Vegas Market I always stop at Four Hands on the first day...  Their showroom is large and always full of inspiration.


I have slight obsession with rope vintage or new.. I love the texture and it was great to see it on just about everything that you could imagine.  This bench was one of my favorite pieces.


Metal texture and gold accents were also very popular.


Loving the leather sling chairs.


Rope lighting.


I don't know what it was about this mirror but I was so in love with it.  Just a off beat enough to make a great statement.


It is a wonderful treat to find that some of your favorite vendors from other shows have made it over to the west coast.  I remember finding Emporium Home at the show in Atlanta a few years ago.  Seeing their beautiful pieces here was a pleasure.  The wallpaper here in pink is available by custom order in any pantone color, it has such a wonderful organic feeling.

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