Before and after: Ave F house Redondo Beach

Posted August 19, 2014 by Christina

 We recently finished up our project in Redondo Beach.  This was a smaller house that was in serious need of a face lift.  It had so many colors happening as well as some issues in the kitchen. So without making too many major changes we tried to unify the colors and soften everything up a bit. 

In the kitchen we ended up removing all of the cabinets to clean up the layout and rework the location for the refrigerator and the oven, we wanted to open up the right hand side and add a small bar space.

We basically went crazy with white paint.  Everything was painted one shade of white or another and it made all the difference in this space.  To give us a little bit of contrast all of the interior doors were painted dark grey and given black hardware, which I loved and will be using again!

Wall Paint: Home Decorators Collection- Cotton Grey (Egg Shell)

Door Paint: Martha Stewart Living - Seal (Semi Gloss)

Fireplace Stone Paint: Glidden Swan White (Semi Gloss)

Pillow and basket available in the shop!

images by christina for greige

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These photos are gorgeous! Where do the baskets, white upholstered chair and pillow on the chair come from?

Thu Jun 1 12:38:53 2017

Donna laviolette

Love the fireplace, was going to chalk paint mine but haven’t done it yet. Could I have instructions on your fireplace. It came out beautiful.

Mon Apr 10 17:41:10 2017

Tammy Conlon

I would like to repaint a stone fire place but it looks like there is a sealant of some kind on the grout as well as the stones any tips you could give me would be much appreciated

Sat Jan 30 15:01:44 2016

Hillary Fortun

Hi! I love the fireplace transformation and recently purchased a home with a similar fireplace. Would you be willing to share the steps you took to complete the project?

Sat Dec 5 09:19:35 2015


I love your tasseled throw and the basket. May I ask you where I could find another one of the throws?

Wed Oct 14 02:08:10 2015


the fireplace that you painted, was it a gas fireplace? I want to do the same to mine but wasn’t sure if i need a specific type of paint if it is a gas fireplace.

Thu Aug 6 06:15:50 2015

Patty H

hi. Beautiful job throughout house. We are painting our stone fireplace. It’s huge with 2 large stone log chambers. We started by washing it well, and have begun priming it? What did you do for your fireplaces?

Fri Jul 17 17:21:59 2015

Teresa Beasley

would love to know what paint type was used on fireplace and instructions. I’m going to do this.

Mon Jul 13 12:33:59 2015

Shelly Walker

What color gray are the walls and doors?

Mon Mar 30 14:07:52 2015



I love what you did with fireplace! Can you please share the steps to this transformation;)

Mon Mar 30 06:30:30 2015


I would love to get detailed instructions on the fireplace. I want to do the same to mine but am worried I won’t do it right, then I’m stuck, cause that stone ain’t going nowhere!!! Haha

Wed Mar 18 07:47:13 2015


Beautiful make over. The kitchen looks so much better and so does the fireplace!

Fri Oct 17 17:30:46 2014


the fireplace is my favorite! HUGE transformation. i hope this inspires more people to do it :-)

Fri Oct 17 17:30:46 2014


That’s an amazing makeover. The kitchen changes are really inspiring. How do you know when paint stone or brick is going to work? This one works really well but I’ve seen unattractive stone or brick that become unattractive painted stone or brick! What makes it sink or swim?

Fri Oct 17 17:30:46 2014

Kristen Smith

So beautiful! Your amazing

Fri Oct 17 17:30:46 2014

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