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Posted August 29, 2014 by Christina


Oh my goodness... I hope you are looking forward to a long relaxing holiday weekend, I know we are.  I am sure that you have seen some bits and pieces of this house here and there on the interwebs lately but it is too good not to share.  It is all understated elegance and a simple neutral color scheme.  When I clicked through and realized that it is a vacation rental in Alys Beach I was truly amazed. 
We need to go here.. who's coming?


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Rich Cader

Love the lanterns and hanging fixtures. Very beautifully done. Where can one source these products?

Wed Aug 9 05:20:55 2017

Terri Chappell

Brilliant design work. Love the kitchen, pool, hallways and boys room most but it’s all crazy good!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Fri Nov 4 13:26:43 2016

Laura Braun

Perfect example of using neutral colors while making the place pop. Gorgeous. And I love the windows trimmed in black.

Thu Jun 18 03:56:05 2015

Mary Noland

What wonderful creaticity and simple drama! Love! Would very much like sources for coffee ta
ble and kitchen lantern … ?

Fri Oct 17 17:32:22 2014


Thank you all for the gracious comments – it was a joy to work on this beautiful home for some wonderful clients!
Interior Design by Chelsea Robinson Interiors, LLC

Fri Oct 17 17:32:21 2014

Marsha Splenderosa

This is completely awesome, Christina. So happy you shared!!
Hope you join us in September for BIO. We miss you!!!!!

Fri Oct 17 17:32:21 2014

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