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Posted September 05, 2014 by Christina


So.... it's Friday again!  Yay!  The first week is always the hardest right?  This image is so relaxing and perfect for the mood I will be dreaming of this weekend!  I am excited that our local flea market has found a new home (for the locals the Irvine flea will be at Cal State Fullerton this Sunday).  I will be spending a little time there this weekend along with catching up on work and various other things..  how about you?  Are you immersed in fall activities already?

Wishing you a wonderful Friday friends..

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What time does the flea market start? Is it worth a trip up from San Diego?

Fri Oct 17 17:33:04 2014

Tante Mali

what a wonderful picture! Love the setting and the colours. A light summer breath in fall! Yes, fleamarkets are fantastic. Love to stroll along!
Have a wonderful time there and a happy weekend.
All my best from Austria

Fri Oct 17 17:33:04 2014

Segreto Secrets

Love flea markets!! Have a great time!! xo leslie

Fri Oct 17 17:33:04 2014

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