Rebranding and new website..

Posted September 24, 2014 by Christina


I am sorry for the infrequent posts here on the blog.. my mind has been otherwise occupied.. working on projects as they progress and on re branding for the business.  I am working on bringing the blog, the shop and my portfolio and online design under one site or one "roof".  It is a great opportunity to change a few things and bring the site a bit of a change.  I put together a little inspiration board to get myself going in the right direction.  

Wow I realize now how much time this takes.. it is similar to designing a new project for a client but I have to hone my own desires and have found that I am doubting myself a bit here and there.  I also tend to spend a little bit of time learning new skills (I have been working on designing a logo...eek).

Wish me luck!  I cannot wait to share the finished product with you as soon as possible!


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adj: not bleached or dyed;
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