un Singe en hiver.. garden shop in Paris

Posted October 01, 2014 by Christina


Okay friends..  this is kind of a repost from one of our trips to Paris..  I loved this shop and shared it on the blog last summer but was not able to find the card that I had picked up with the name and address...  while I was searching through my Paris books and travel goodies I came across the card.. I highly suggest a visit if you are in Paris!

un Singe en hiver
6 Rue Paul Bert
93400 Saint Quen 
06 75 55 44 57 
While shopping the flea markets in Paris on our trip we happened upon this sweet garden shop in the area.  I am not sure if it was part of the flea markets or not but it stole my attention in less than a second.  The creative displays made my heart skip a beat.  I snapped a picture of the flower box hedge before I had a chance to see how many inspiring spaces they had created.  
Each was a simple collection of vintage pieces but they were done so well, maybe it was the repetition or the negative space around them I am not sure even now, but I know it was they type of display that sticks in your memory.  I left feeling extremely inspired.  I loved everything about it! 


images by christina for greige


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Karena Albert

Christina, your taste and eye is excellent of course. A shop with the most amazing displays I have seen in some time!

The Arts by Karena

Fri Oct 17 17:36:34 2014

Tante Mali

Wow, fantastic! So many treasures at one place! Can’t stop looking at all this!
Thank you for sharing and all my best

Fri Oct 17 17:36:34 2014


Love it all. The cement tiles are beautiful, you don’t get more French than that.
Great vignette idea’s.

Fri Oct 17 17:36:34 2014

Charisse Andrews

I am going to Paris in a few weeks and I will absolutely be stopping by this place. I love cobalt blue and one of those babies just might find it’s way home with me, and maybe a few more items. Thanks for the heads up.

Fri Oct 17 17:36:33 2014

Segreto Finishes

I absolutely love the cobalt jugs!! Everything you shared is gorgeous!

Fri Oct 17 17:36:33 2014

Debra Phillips

thank you for this recommendation, will be there in november!

Fri Oct 17 17:36:33 2014

Tara Dillard

Oddly, there is a shop like this in Birmingham, AL. Client took me there, alas, owner may have had to retire.

He had traveled the globe for decades, buying.

Who couldn’t create a beautiful garden from this shop?

Thanks for knowing to share it.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Fri Oct 17 17:36:33 2014

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