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Posted October 28, 2014 by Christina

Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  I love how the days begin to cool and everything seems to take on this feeling of ease before the holidays set in.  Along with it come the pumpkins which are one of my favorite things, each is such a unique piece.  Our fall table usually is covered with things that I can get from the yard and a mix of pumpkins.  This year I wanted to mix in succulents and some vintage antlers that I have.  I used a simple base of recycled packing paper right off of the roll and proceeded to pile goodies upon it.  Simple and easy and easily moved around to accommodate drinks and food as necessary.  The best part is that everyone can see each other to keep the conversation going during and well after dinner. 









images by christina for greige

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Beautiful post Christina

Wed Oct 29 08:34:07 2014

Lost Roses

Quite elegant. Yours turned out much better than mine. My antlers look like a stegosaurus hiding in a pile of pumpkins.

Tue Oct 28 11:58:16 2014

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