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5 things: Emerson Fry

October 29, 2014


I want to start with saying Thank you to everyone who reads the blog and also to all of the talented ladies who have taken the time to participate in this series so far. It is so wonderful to be able to share their work and a little piece of who they are here with all of you! It is my pleasure to welcome Emerson Fry to our 5 things series.

Emerson has turned a small business into a beautiful sought after clothing line in front of our eyes over the last few years. I do truly miss all of the amazing photos of her in her beautiful designs but I love the direction she has taken her brand.


-What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to focus on design related work. Over the years that switched between painting and fashion related. Ultimately both are important and related. Right now I'm focused on building our company. Years from now I’ll be able to make more time for painting.

-Where do you find inspiration?
I try to find inspiration everywhere I look. I feel if I can’t do that then I need time to recalibrate. For our customer, we are thinking about the modern woman and what she really needs, how she really lives and what she wants to do. This is en evolutionary process for us, and in many ways this is less about inspiration and more about editing. Less is more.

-Do you work from home? Office? Studio?
I primarily work out of the office unless travelling for business or photo work. Development, creative and imagery work are all in house at our office, which is how my time is split throughout the day.

-Are you a City girl or a Country girl?
The city is great for anonymity and enjoying what’s happening in culture etc., however for the most part I like to spend my off time outside and in nature when possible. Nature is infinite in its variations of beauty and design. There is no end in it. You could listen to birdcalls or look at seashells or look into the stars every day of your life and still there is more to look at. It’s in city parks, it’s in the sky over the highway. It’s in the glittering reflection of leaves on the street. I think everyone likes some time to tap back into more primal things inwardly or outwardly. To know a place where life is fresh and wild. I am no different.

-What are you reading right now?
A lot of books about meditation. It’s amazing how creating space between thoughts can create space within your life.


All images from Emerson Fry

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