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Posted January 31, 2015 by Christina

I hope your weekend is off to an amazing start!  We are getting ready for a bunch of guests tomorrow to watch the game, it is always nice to have everyone over for a bit to catch up and visit in a non holiday setting.  Aside from that I will be spending my time getting back on track for next week.
Here are a few things from this week...
How many of you will be attending the Design Bloggers Conference in February.  I am so excited to let everyone know that I will be speaking on a panel there... a little nervous but very excited.  I would love to see you and meet you if you are planning to attend!
I have been looking for dresses to wear and I keep eyeing just about everything from Anthro..
For some reason when spring comes around I have a need for new jeans.. well pretty much all the time I have that need but I want these little cuties..
We have been trying very hard to be good at eating at home and making healthy meals.. I will be adding this beautiful salad to the list for next week.
Working with a trainer has been a part of my new year routine and I love it..  we have been doing a lot of these effective (read really hard) exercises and I actually looking forward to the warmer months were we can spend sometime poolside.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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