weekend wishes...

February 14, 2015


Happy Valentines day my lovelies...  I love this day and my hubby is just not that "into it" soooo I choose to treat myself and that is okay by me.  This week was so so busy and I am so excited to spend the weekend getting things back together here and just hanging out, it is supposed to be HOT so that might warrant a day by the pool- Yay!

Here's a little of what caught my eye this week...

I think I could make this sweet for my self- I might even share with the hubby.

It's almost time to start up my kitchen garden again here, I am definitely looking for inspiration!

Next week I need to design two new model projects so I will be hitting up pinterest for lifestyle images - the fun part!

It has been so warm here all I can think about are sandals and shorts.. 

We have been wrapping up final selections on a few projects so I have been finding some of the best things... I am in love with this chandelier.. must have it somewhere as it did not work where I wanted it to go!

Wishing you a wonderful long weekend!