The grey door

Posted December 10, 2015 by Christina

I always love to see something pop up over and over again in design and my current favorite is grey painted doors.  They seem to be working inside and out and I hope we see more of them.  

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for your interest in this post. We have created a grey paint guide for tips on how to get this look – check out the post here:

Mon Jul 17 10:39:30 2017

Janet McNaught

What color paint did you use for the walls and door???

Sun Jun 18 22:15:20 2017

Janet McNaught

Can you share what paint is on the doors? Thanks

Sun Jun 4 14:47:15 2017

Janet McNaught

I love this look. can you share what flooring and paints you used to created this look?

Sat May 27 21:21:11 2017

Jamie kelley

I love this and am going to do it in my new house. I need some advice. Do I only do grey on the entry doors into rooms and white ft closet doors? Or all grey doors??

Fri May 19 07:06:50 2017


I love it all!

Mon Oct 31 13:36:19 2016



Tue Apr 5 19:39:53 2016

Krista Stewart

Love this color of grey door

Thu Mar 10 21:27:59 2016

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