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Posted May 02, 2016 by Christina

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Brooke and Steve Giannetti's Patina Farm this past weekend for a party to celebrate their book by the same name, based on their beautiful home and property.  We stayed in the cute little town of Ojai and fell a little bit in love with it.  Their home was amazing and so much more beautiful in person than anything I could have imagined. 

I am pretty sure I could move right into their guest house.  It was so perfect and had a gorgeous view of their pond.

The garden took my breath away.  Perfect for her sweet pets and gorgeous roses.

Each space in the main house was welcoming and beautiful.  Full of light with lovely views of the property and gardens.

All images by christina for greige

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Ursula Koenig

My favorite is all of this. Exactly what I imagine many magical places in Ojai to be like. What a wonderful little “Moon’s Nest” the Kumeyaa named it to be.

Mon Jan 2 13:35:22 2017

Billur Wallerich


Thu Jul 7 05:52:45 2016


Thank you so much for this beautiful post and for helping us celebrate last weekend! It was such a pleasure getting to finally meet you in person. I’m so glad you got a chance to see Patina Farm. You did a wonderful job capturing so many of my favorite details.
xo xo

Tue May 3 15:53:00 2016


Love Velvet & Linen and have for years and years. The Patina Farm is gorgeous and feels so welcoming and warm. I am so impressed they are growing their own artichokes…wow! The beautiful vine roses…I can only imagine the beautiful smell from them. I am sure it was a beautiful evening. Extremely, jealous!

Tue May 3 10:20:34 2016

Celia Becker @

Brooke and Steve Giannetti are incredibly talented people and what they have accomplished together with Patina Farm is simply stunning. You are so fortunate to have been able to visit. Thanks so much for sharing so many sides of Patina Farm that haven’t yet been seen on Velvet & Linen. Loved the post!

Mon May 2 23:51:00 2016

Elizabeth Burns

You lucky girl! Thank you for sharing. I have both books and page through them in often for inspiration…

Mon May 2 13:45:19 2016


You have fabulously captured the heart of Patina Farm. I felt as though I was right there with you; your photographs are “book” worthy. Thank you for allowing me to see Patina Farm through your camera lens. After viewing one photo, I hoped there was another one to follow. You lavishly shared so many on your post.

Mon May 2 12:28:48 2016


I just finished reading the book over the weekend. I also love their gardens (and miss the California climate for them now that I’m in CO). What’s really neat about your pictures is to see how much the gardens have filled in since the book was shot. So lush and beautiful!

Mon May 2 08:26:33 2016


Have followed Velvet & Linen for years… Watched the stages of Patina Farm…. The beauty is beyond perfection!!! Now with the garden in full growth … Who could ever ask for more!!!?!!! Bet you had the best time and thank you for posting and capturing the moment you shared yesterday at beautiful Patina Farm!

Mon May 2 07:52:48 2016

Taste of France

I just went on a tour of a bunch of farms in the south of France yesterday and I cannot believe how much Patina Farm looks like it could have been one of them.

Mon May 2 06:53:28 2016

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