Wish List : Shari at Little Blue Deer

Posted November 06, 2010 by Christina

Join me in welcoming Shari from Little Blue Deer to greige as our first guest blogger in this years holiday wish list series!  Shari has such a beautiful blog and shares her wonderful talents through blog design.  Enjoy!

It's Shari here from Little Blue Deer! I am a graphic designer specializing in blog design, I'd love it if you would come and check out my elegant and personalized blog designs! I am so delighted to be sharing my Christmas gift guide with Christina's lovely readers! I adore Griege, and I am honored that Christina asked me to post! 

Here are some of the items on my Christmas shopping list this year! (clockwise from top left):

Bottega Veneta driving gloves: Bottega Veneta is my all-time favorite leather goods purveyor, and I adore these gloves because they feature the signature BV weave; a warm and luxurious gift for your favorite fashionista! 

Chanel Black Velvet nail varnish: I love to give trendy nail varnishes as stocking stuffers! This one would be perfect with a little black dress for New Year's Eve! 

Only Hearts chemette: Lingerie is also one of my favorite gifts to give. Some might find it a bit personal, but it's the kind of thing we never buy for ourselves, and therefore makes a fab and thoughtful gift! 

Smythson 'Yummy Mummy' diary: In the age of technology, I still love a classic leather diary or day planner! Smythson is always an ace choice, and they feature a number of whimsical titles, I love 'Yummy Mummy' for your favorite yummy (or slummy!) mum! 

Deer Wearing Gym Socks giclee print: This needs no explanation. Who doesn't need a deer wearing gym socks to hang in their living room? 

Brooklyn Circus candle: The BK Circus is my new favorite company. I love their neo-Victorian menswear and edgy chic style, and candles are always a can't go wrong gift choice! 

Sigerson Morrison suede booties:  One of my favorite brands.  If you know someone well enough to know their shoe size, aren't they worth spending $350 on?  

BR Unity Links necklace:  Jewelry is always an excellent choice, too!  I am loving the chain trend, and this pick is one of my favorites!  

Diptyque Duelle solid perfume:  If you follow the Deer at all, you know that I adore Diptyque!  Solid perfume is such a cool retro gift, and I adore the packaging!  

Mix CD:  I am all about giving mix CDs as gifts!  Everyone gets so tired of Christmas music, how about something more unique?  Some of my favorite albums this year have been Belle and Sebastian, The Black Keys and Grizzly Bear.  Download mp3s on Amazon or iTunes for a rockin', personalized gift!  Thank you so much Christina for having me! Here's wishing everyone a joyous and prosperous holiday season from Little Blue Deer!


christine {bijouandboheme}

I LOVE Shari’s blog and her list doesn’t disappoint- so many beautiful things…great little list to pass on to husband for Christmas ideas:) Thanks to Shari!

Fri Oct 17 14:14:07 2014

ilene @ muchloveilly

lovely list! im a fan of shari’s blog so this was so cool to see her christmas picks. such good ones!

Fri Oct 17 14:14:07 2014


I love Shari and am of course she would have wonderful picks with her exceptional taste! I LOVE those booties!! xo

Fri Oct 17 14:14:07 2014


C, what a lovely tradition this wish-list guest poster is. I adore Shari and her style. Those gloves are TDF. I love every single post you do and am one of your most loyal followers. xx’s

Fri Oct 17 14:14:06 2014

The Rural Socialite

Magnificent, Shari! I couldn’t pick just one gift… but I positively love the deer print!

Fri Oct 17 14:14:06 2014


So much fun to be a girl!!! Love your choices and what a beautiful post! Enjoy!

Fri Oct 17 14:14:06 2014

Julie (brown eyed belle)

How sweet of you, Christina, for having Shari over today!! What a sweet lady she is!

I am loving the driving gloves, nail polish and booties- I’m thinking those should be added to my wish list!!

Hope both you ladies have a wonderful weekend! Xo!

Fri Oct 17 14:14:06 2014


I LOOOVE the deer wearing socks, haha!!

Fri Oct 17 14:14:05 2014

Simply Mel

Shari rocks! I’ll just duplicate her pretty little list of perfection and call it a day!

Fri Oct 17 14:14:05 2014

shari @ little blue deer

Thank you so much! I really loved being here, I just adore your blog and am honored to be featured!

Fri Oct 17 14:14:05 2014

heather yalin

Oh! That deer wearing gym socks, love it!!!

Fri Oct 17 14:14:05 2014


What a great list! LOVE that nail polish ;)

Mary xo
Delightful Bitefuls

Fri Oct 17 14:14:05 2014

jules @ The Diversion Project

oh you do have impeccable taste shari! love all you selections – and we share the same taste in tunes too i see! i have done a mixed cd for friends and work mates for years – man i wish you lived just down the road from me darl! xxx

Fri Oct 17 14:14:04 2014


Love Shari’s blog and am hoping to find these items in MY stocking…

Fri Oct 17 14:14:04 2014

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