Wish List: Donna from A Perfect Gray

Posted December 09, 2010 by Christina

It is so nice to find a friend who's interests are so similar!!  Please join me in welcoming Donna from A Perfect Gray who is sharing her lovely holiday wish list with us...

Hello Greige fans, it's Donna from A Perfect Gray! I think of myself as Greige's lil' sis (only because she's been blogging longer). I'm all about decor, antiques, and art, and I'm forever searching for that perfect shade of gray. Today, I'm delighted to share my personal Christmas wish list with you....

I adore this antique gold-plated brass cuff by Zara Terez. It's called "The Met". Wouldn't it be awesome with a crisp white tailored shirt and jeans? Santa baby, you know I'd look good in this....

This yummy bronze bench by Nate Berkus. Perfect for a vanity seat and that bronze velvet is my favorite color companion to gray.
A Linoleum Block Print by Rob Delamater. Check out his prints and monotypes on Lost Art Salon, a fabulous - and affordable - art resource.
I used to make weekly trips to my local library to drool on study this fantastic book - until it disappeared one day. I really need my very own copy of Billy Baldwin Decorates. You do, too.
A python tray from Zhush, the perfect thing to mix in with antique and vintage pieces for little sass.
I'm a lover of collage! Isn't this snappy little jacket from Paste just wonderful? Denise's line of fashion collages would look awesome in a dressing room....I just wish I had one.
A white cow hide rug. No link here, because I don't know a source for reasonably priced white hides...but I'd be all over this rug if I did...
John Lennon-style sunglasses. Really cool.
This gray and white pillow from My Sparrow, in Barbara Berry's Poetical fabric. A 'perfect' color!

And last, but by no means least:  Jamie Cullum. Not a CD. Not a video. I want Jamie Cullum. With piano in tow. Singing 'Photograph'. To me. In person. 'Cause this year? I've been really, really good.




Love all Donna’s picks – a great eclectic list! And I know she’ll look smashing in that fabulous cuff when she pulls Jamie Cullum out of her stocking!

Fri Oct 17 14:18:51 2014

vicki archer

Great list…hope Santa makes it down my chimney with some of these goodies……The stool could be a squeeze….but as it’s my favourite…..I know he will find a way….xv

Fri Oct 17 14:18:51 2014

Acquired Objects

I love that cuff Donna! The white cow hide is fabulous too. How cute are you wanting Jamie? Good luck with your wish list!

Fri Oct 17 14:18:50 2014

Teresa at Splendid Sass

Great list, Donna. I NEED that book, and I want that pillow. Love Sue’s trays too!
Have a greta day.

Fri Oct 17 14:18:50 2014


that bench is perfect for me! like a match made in heaven!
<3 Cara
Lilac and Grey

Fri Oct 17 14:18:50 2014

pretty pink tulips

Donna, what a list! I think I NEED that brass cuff and oh, there is a spot in my home just begging for a white cowhide!

Great taste, as always! Hope Santa leaves something fab in your stocking!!
xo Elizabeth

Fri Oct 17 14:18:50 2014

shari @ little blue deer

These are fabulous! I am with Donna on the bronze velvet, toss in a plum accent and… perfection! Looking gorgeous here, Christina, I am so excited, I love it!

Fri Oct 17 14:18:50 2014


That cuff is amazing!!! Love, love love!! xo

Fri Oct 17 14:18:49 2014


The Cuff!

Fri Oct 17 14:18:49 2014


Love it, Donna!


Fri Oct 17 14:18:49 2014


I hope you get everything you wish for!
Blessings to you this holiday season…

Fri Oct 17 14:18:49 2014

Renee Finberg

i hope santa brings you Jamie Cullum.

i am in total agreement
on the cuff, crisp white shirt, and the jeans.

xx happy holidays

Fri Oct 17 14:18:49 2014

Dumbwit Tellher

Wholly holly – that is the best holiday wish-list I’ve seen yet. I would take Jaime sitting on Nate’s stool (or laid out on the lovely hide) wearing the Lennon glasses and holding one of Rob’s prints. Oh yeah….

Donna you never disappoint. Wishing happy holidays to you and to Christina. xx

Fri Oct 17 14:18:48 2014

The Vintage Rose

Ha Ha i love your last request for a gift…you go girl…why not you sound like you know exactly what you want..dont quite know if Santa will bring it though. Good luck Amanda.

Fri Oct 17 14:18:48 2014

Curtains In My Tree

I love cuff bracelets also. I splurged and bought me a David Yurman cuff a few years ago(when i had a great job) so glad to have it.

I will second your gift list

I passed on a white cow hide rug last summer and knew I would be sorry later


Merry Christmas

Fri Oct 17 14:18:48 2014

Sara Walker

Paige Albright Orientals in Birmingham…we have White Cow Hides! 205-877-3232.

Fri Oct 17 14:18:48 2014


What an amazing list…I covet the cuff!! Hope it’s under your tree – and Christine, your new blog – oh my, it’s stunning!! It was such a wonderful surprise when I popped over today…absolutely gorgeous!!

Fri Oct 17 14:18:48 2014


Awesome awesome list!! Thanks for the art source.

Fri Oct 17 14:18:47 2014


hmm, photograph! Good choice!

Fri Oct 17 14:18:47 2014

Callie Grayson

Can I have two of the bronze benches please!!!
oh, and jamie cullum too!!

Fri Oct 17 14:18:47 2014

Sherri Cassara

I’ll take the pillow, the rug and Jamie! And the brass cuff in my stocking ;.) GREAT list Donna!

Fri Oct 17 14:18:47 2014

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