Laduree in NY...

Posted September 09, 2011 by Christina


I am feeling very jealous of New York right now... I have just received this email about the shop which I knew was coming but I am still a little sad.
The lovely Laduree macaron is available there and I am here...  

Maybe they ship??



Kellie Collis

Looks delicious! Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

Fri Oct 17 15:04:58 2014


I know that this is not Laduree, but there are two bakeries in Pasadena that make macarons: Euro Panne and Lette Macarons (from Beverly Hills)—just thought it might help a bit with the cravings. Have a great week-end. Mary

Fri Oct 17 15:04:58 2014

under spanish moss

We saw that they opened and put it on our must do list for when we are in NY later this year. Can’t wait. Hope you guys have a great weekend.
Angela and Renee

Fri Oct 17 15:04:58 2014

Laura @ 52 FLEA

I am sad for you but delighted for me! Maybe now I will have my first taste! :) Happy weekend to you!

Fri Oct 17 15:04:58 2014

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