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Neptune Glassworks {lighting}

November 19, 2013


In my line of work you come across so many amazingly talented people.  I met Uri several years ago at the flea market in Pasadena, when we got to talking I convinced him to make me some custom lights for my master bathroom, which I was remodeling at the time.  They are dreamy and my all time favorite pieces in there!  Just last night I was looking for some interesting lighting for a client and remembered how amazing he is as an artist and that he had started his own company - Neptune Glassworks. 

While searching his site I thought it might be a great source to share here.. the lighting is some of the most beautiful and delicate I have ever seen, all the while it has that little industrial edge that I love.  What a gift to be able to create like this!


all images via Neptune Glassworks

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