Updating our laundry room...

Posted January 19, 2015 by Christina


Late last year we finally purchased a new washer and dryer and so in turn that means that the laundry room, which has been long in need of updating, just got moved up on the list...  Here is what I am thinking.  I would love to know your thoughts..

I love the colors in these two images... and the space is very small so I am hoping to add storage and keep it pretty simple in there.


I am looking to do herringbone slate on the floor.

A new sink for hand washables..


Scaffolding wood shelves with brass brackets..


A star pendant - because I love them.


Then over the new washer and dryer a large folding counter out of marble... this is the biggest and best part of the whole thing I think! 




Sink // Brackets // Light


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I’m in the market soon for a new washer and dryer and just wondered what brand you chose?

Wed Jan 28 14:01:03 2015

Diana Kotecki

I am one of your devoted followers that never comments but boy you got me going today. I love every single thing that you have selected and I can already see it finished. I want to copy it exactly.

Fri Jan 23 09:14:37 2015


The herringbone floor sounds wonderful. But agree with Cathy, above, that the fractionated light from a star pendant might not be best for a laundry room, where you want calm and steady light.
The thing I’d put in is European, one of those grid-like drying racks that raises and lowers on a pulley. Very energy-efficient, especially if you don’t like dryers.

Wed Jan 21 09:57:38 2015

jennifer schoenberger design

Love! Can’t wait to someday tackle my hot mess of a laundry room – jelly!

Tue Jan 20 18:41:32 2015

Segreto Secrets

This is a beautiful plan for your laundry room! And the marble folding table … love! … perhaps if I had one I would enjoy folding things a bit more!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Tue Jan 20 15:08:17 2015


Thank you for all of your sweet comments and emails!
Cathy… You will find this funny by I don’t treat stains really.. I just toss everything in to the wash and hope for the best! Aside from that- I have a window in there too so that makes a difference and the light is pretty good from pendants we have them in our bathroom too. :)

Tue Jan 20 09:23:22 2015

Sue L

I LOVE your choices! Very elegant yet practical. I would be happy to be your laundress with those furnishings. :-)

Tue Jan 20 04:05:55 2015


Star pendant won’t give you enough light. In a laundry room you want bright light so you can treat stains.

Tue Jan 20 00:38:08 2015

Judy G

Love, love, love it all! The herringbone tile is fabulous in scale and the variation in color adds so much. The bits of brass in the brackets and lighting fixture is perfect and the element of raw with the scaffolding shelving add that bit of unsuspected. Marble folding table over the washer/dryer set… Yes! You have such vision and it won’t be a chore doing laundry! The design the star lighting will cast throughout the room will make it a most magical laundry room! Looking forward to seeing the progress!

Tue Jan 20 00:03:54 2015

Kacey @ Shes.No.Martha

yes on all of the above!

Mon Jan 19 07:12:44 2015

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