Posted January 15, 2019 by Christina

Happy New Year!  I feel like I am just getting out of the after holiday funk that seems to stall out the beginning of the year for me every year.  Do you ever feel that way- like you just can't seem to jump start the year no matter how hard you try?  So finally here it is.. my slow start to 2019.  We have so much planned and cannot wait to roll it all out your way.  

This year I was reading some posts about having a word for the year, which is new to me, so I thought why not give it a try.  So my word for 2019 is KINDNESS....  I am going to try and remind myself that everything is better with kindness and you get the best results by being kind to yourself and to others everyday.  Kind emails, kind interactions, being nice to people who are kind to you and not so kind to you.  That's the plan - wish me luck! 



Beautiful image via @mitzimaynard

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