How to: Painting the stone fireplace white

July 16, 2015

greige design shop + interiors paiting the stone fireplace white

Since completing this job I have had so many inquiries about the process used to transform this fireplace.  I am not a big DYI person so I spoke to the amazing contractor  Adrian at Craftsman Construction that we worked with on this project, about how they were able to change the multicolored stone fireplace into the clean white look that we finished with.  It is so simple and easy!

They used the sprayer to get the even coverage on the stone.  Start with an Oil based primer, they used one from Home Depot- 2 coats.  Once that is dry just apply the water based paint of your choice, we used Glidden Swan White (Semi Gloss).  Coat until fully covered. 

If you would like to see the before and after of the entire space you can check it out here.