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5 THINGS: Charlotte Reiss of Vivi et Margot

April 04, 2017

5 THINGS: Charlotte Reiss of Vivi et Margot

We loved having the opportunity to work with Charlotte Reiss of Vivi et Margot for the next installment of our 5 Things series. Charlotte is a mother of two, runs a successful modeling agency AND an online shop, Vivi et Margot (named after her two daughters). This woman truly does it all. Charlotte is incredibly inspiring, and such a sweetheart too! Thank you, Charlotte, for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in this series with us!



What did you want to be when you grew up?


I grew up in England and moved to America at 23 for a work opportunity. I’ve been in the Modelling Industry for over 20 years as an agent and it really is a passion of mine as it combines all the aesthetics that appeal to me. Photography, art, fashion and design so I’ve never wavered in career choice as I knew I was where I am meant to be.


Where do you find inspiration?


My obvious and biggest source of inspiration is in France. My husband who is in the home construction field and I bought a property 5 years ago in rural France that we have completely renovated. I don’t think there is a single original wall left standing. While we only spend Summers and Christmas there each year, France awakens a different side of me. Its peaceful there, tranquil, there’s a focus on family , and every day its visually stimulating with the homes, architecture, design and sense of history. It was only last year that I decided to open a store in USA so I could bring a little piece of France back with me to share. I started with Instagram while I was setting everything up and was awe inspired by the design community I discovered. Warm, friendly encouraging like minded women (mainly) that appreciate the French lifestyle.It inspires me and challenges me to think carefully about my image for the store. I was truly inspired  by Kathryn Ireland and her story (her book is called Summers in France) and I felt the similarities to our lives  (British, living in LA, building a home in France, building a family etc). As funny as it sounds watching HGTV House Hunter International motivated me that its not impossible for a foreigner to buy land or property overseas. It was an incredible challenge and one I would do over and over again.


Do you work from home?  Office?  Studio?


Home. What started out as a small idea/hobby has turned into an incredible small business growing at a rapid speed. I keep everything family based so all the employee help, stock, shipping in onsite. I am a full time working Mother of 2 girls (Vivienne and Margot) and run a very successful Modelling agency The Lions.


Are you a City girl or a Country girl?


My heart and soul are all Country! Yet my realistic life is City being a career girl. I grew up in Marlborough, Wilshire in England. I lived in London in my early Twenties, NYC for the first 3 years and LA for the past 16 years. The permanent move to France will come in the next 10 years. – like many I dream of being barefoot growing my own vegetables and designing interiors but I think I have a few more years left in my career before that happens!


What are you reading right now?


With 2 small children under 5, Full time Career, The online store and life in general I hate to admit I don’t have time to read these days. Although I do find time to peruse Instagram. I can get lost in peoples  design ideas, photography and meeting like minded hardworking creative people. I would absolutely recommend to everyone picking up a copy of Kathryns book Summers in France by Kathryn Ireland. One day maybe I’ll have my own book and share my story too?!


Website: Vivi et Margot

All images via: @vivietmargot // @charlotte_reiss


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