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5 Things: Kate Roebuck

March 05, 2019

5 Things: Kate Roebuck

Kate Roebuck artiist griege design five things

 I always love it when I find another creative person that inspires me, I tend to gorge myself on information about them and their work.  My infatuation usually lasts a long while and I try to keep them in my life by surrounding myself with their art or whatever their talent might be.  Sometimes it might be against their will but we won't talk about that!  I fell in love with Kate's artabout a year or so ago and haven't looked back.  I have several of her pieces at home and continue to follow her online and on Instagram so I can get my dose of inspiration as often as possible.  So you can see why I was so excited to be able to have her be a part of our 5 Things series

You can see even more about Kate on her website, Instagram and shop her pieces on Charish.

What did you dream about being when you grew up?

I am the first to admit that anything with hype… gets me.  I had my Professional Hockey Player phase: thanks to the  Mighty Ducks movie, and Nun phase: Sister Act, and coincidentally  I actually have three amazing great aunts who are nuns. My parents will always say they always knew I would be doing something within the creative sphere. It wasn’t till a few years into college that I actually believed I could be a working artist, it was my dream come true (other than being a hockey playing nun ;)

Where do you find inspiration?

I really believe inspiration comes from anywhere if you are willing to receive it.  I recently took a little social media break and would   highly recommend it to anyone feeling:  A. Addicted (me) or  B. Tired of feeling Consumed/always Consuming others (me).  Having more physical time and brain function allowed me the creative space to think and dream again.  Floods of inspiration came during this time from just about every angle: trips out of town, time with my children reading stories, watching a film, a trip to the library, a walk in the woods.  

Do you work from home?  Office?  Studio?

I work out of my studio which is a renovated old shed that came with our house. When we moved in we called it “the piece of shed” and honestly, the squirrels living in it must have paid off the inspector because this thing should have never passed.  

We renovated it, and now its my little sliver of heaven, i.e. ESCAPE from my amazingly cute children :)

Are you a City girl or a Country girl?

I was raised in the city, with big city dreams— and have found myself in the middle of Chattanooga, TN which has a breathtaking slice of the country surrounding its own compact little city. Like Chattanooga, I'm a little bit of both.  

What are you reading right now?

I love to read (!!!<nerd alert !!!) and currently I'm reading the biography, Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature. 

My husband is in a book club and Ill read just about all their books because I think they have good taste.  I'm like the unofficial First Lady of their book club ;) 

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All images by Jaime Smialek @our_ampersand_photo

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