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5 Things: Cassandra LaValle of Coco + Kelley and The Emerald Studio

August 03, 2017

5 Things: Cassandra LaValle of Coco + Kelley and The Emerald Studio

We are delighted to share our next 5 Things participant with you, Cassandra LaValle. We first became inspired by Cassandra after seeing her speak at the Design Bloggers Conference in LA years ago.  Cassandra is the voice behind one of our favorite design and lifestyle blogs, Coco + Kelley. She is also the Creative Director of The Emerald Studio, an interior design, event design and brand collaboration firm. Cassandra is a true creative and we just love everything she does. Here's a little peek into her world!


What did you want to be when you grew up?


A magazine editor - so that sort of worked out well for me! I didn’t really think that interior design could be a career back then. If I had, I probably would have pursued that earlier. I was always into redecorating my room, but I also loved graphic design so I feel like my blog has magically made a career of both. 


Where do you find inspiration?


Everywhere, anywhere. I think getting offline is essential for true inspiration though. Travel is a huge one for me - I am endlessly inspired by seeing new places and it always refreshes my desire to create when I come back from a big trip. I also love driving through smaller towns and seeing how people who are living more offline are doing things. Galleries, international magazines, and old design books from other eras all help keep me inspired. 


Do you work from home?  Office?  Studio?


Right now I have a beautiful office studio in an area of Seattle called Georgetown - it’s basically our design district which is convenient! It’s me and a few fellow creatives who share one space, and I love it. 


Are you a City girl or a Country girl?


I’d say I’m more city than country, but wherever I go, I require water. I’ve always lived near the ocean and could never stray far from being on a coast! As I get older, I definitely value getting away from the city and into more open space. 


What are you reading right now?


I just finished read ‘The Girls’ … now I need to dig into something new! 


All images from Coco + Kelley and The Emerald Studio.

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