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Introducing Greige Textiles early fall 2017

October 17, 2017

Introducing Greige Textiles early fall 2017

I am so excited to announce my first season of our textile line for greige textiles.  I have been working on this grouping for quite sometime and it is it s true labor of love.  I have spent the past several months drawing and perfecting patterns both by hand, and on the computer to create what will become the final product.  I even had the pleasure of working with some amazing artists to create patterns and get them made into screens.  We have chosen to have our textiles printed by hand here in California on Belgian linen.  Each of the colors are custom mixed to match pieces that have just the right colors we are searching for.  It has definitely been a learning process, but it is amazing and I am so thankful to everyone who has taken the time to answer my questions and help me to understand the how everything works!
Fabric is always one of my favorite pieces of the design process, I love to mix texture and color for just the right effect.  As this line progresses we plan to have each season work with those before it so that the patterns and colors have a longevity and can be revived often.  I am so excited to share everything with you here!
We currently have 4 patterns, Fern stripe, Mer, Holiday and Trina  now available for purchase on our website - check it out here. We are offering fabric by the yard, as well as down-filled pillows and pillow covers. You can follow our progress and see sneek peeks on our @greigetextiles instagram too.
We hope you love the collection as much as we do! 
Trina and Mer
Trina and Mer in indigo
Trina, Mer and Holiday in Emerald
Mer in black, indigo and emerald
Fern stripe

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